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It can be difficult to know where to turn when:

Sluggish, stomach cramps, digestive issues, bloating
  • You're not feeling great but you're not sure what is wrong.

  • Your test results are 'normal' but you know something is off. 

  • You go to sleep at night but wake in the morning feeling just as tired. 

  • You filter through lots of conflicting info and friendly well-meant advice, try a number of different things and some months and £'s later things are still the same. 

  • You're looking for natural approaches to reduce the effects of a condition/symptom but you don't know which to try. 

  • You're worried about what the future has in store for you if this is how you are feeling now.

So what if you could......

  • Finally, know exactly what foods and activities nourish your body

  • Understand the signs your body gives you and tune in to what it is telling you 

  • Wake in the morning feeling refreshed and energised

  • Make it through the normal afternoon energy slump without having a slump! 

  • Have an understanding of what is going on within your body and how best to give it what it needs for you to feel your best.

Simple food preparation

1-1 Nutrition Programmes

Making real changes to your well-being takes time

This is about setting you on a journey of a new way of being. The best way to make a real change to your well-being is to develop a strong relationship with a nutritional therapist with whom you can work over time.  Improving your health doesn't usually mean applying quick fixes, so the best success tends to come from taking baby steps that gradually build up. This kind of approach stops you from feeling overwhelmed and helps you build up healthy habits. It is about empowering your body to heal itself and giving it the tools and ingredients it needs to function effectively.  I help you set the foundations that will hopefully become long-lasting ways of eating and living that will enable you to continue to get better and better over time. 

Are you ready to take action?

Helen researching for client appointments

Other Services

Choose the service that fits your goals 

Power Hour


60 minute consultation

Valid for one month

Great starting point for your return to health journey. Come armed with a pen and paper to take notes and you will leave at the end with a list of actions that can be put in place there and then. 

Note - supplements are not included in this consultation. 

Medication and Supplement Review


30 minute feedback consultation

Valid for one month

Existing supplement quality review

Medication and supplement interaction review

Vitamin D Testing


Vitamin D report by Nutritional Therapist

Valid for one month

Vitamin D at home test

Short health form reviewed by Nutritional Therapist 

Safety review against your medication, supplements & history

Personalised and appropriate Vitamin D dose based on results

Recommended supplement brand and co-factors

10% discount on recommended supplement purchase 

Menopause Reset Programme


Four online weekly workshops 

Contact me for dates

Hormone Balancing Recipes

Bespoke Menopause Lifestyle & Food Recommendations

Knowledge of why and how things change in Menopause

What we can do to reduce the impact of Menopause including issues such as increased belly fat, sleep, night sweats and constipation.

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